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Kaipule is a leading-edge web platform developed to introduce and link western innovators to the Chinese commercial ecosystem

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Fresh Companies

Gaonic provides a strong and stable backend for M2M and IoT brokerage platforms that stream data and analytics. Gaonic uses cloud-based big data sensors to provide management solutions. Its solutions supply reliable output in real time. Gaonic clients can collect, aggregate, store, analyze, and present information from their networks fast and securely. The built-in analytics engine is made for historical and real time, furnishing basic and advanced data insights. The system uses simple APIs and open architecture for easily sharing information with other third-party systems. Gaonic’s system is platform-independent, allowing its clients to integrate and aggregate data from any type of data source regardless of type, data format, manufacturer, structure, or protocol. It supports several protocols including TCP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, MQTT, REST, Ethernet Modbus, among others.
Trackimo's tracking devices keep track of loved ones, pets, and personal items. The device is palm-sized and can be attached by clip or magnet to clothing, luggage, and vehicles. The device syncs with the Trackimo mobile app (available for Android and Apple devices) and locates device carriers. The tracking service works worldwide. Devices are equipped with an emergency-alert button.
iBeacon technology is an emerging standard for Bluetooth proximity facilitating indoor location services for retail, tracking and timing. Beaconwatcher provides a free and powerful solution for developers and retailers, for building or adding micro-location possibilities through Bluetooth low energy Ibeacon technology to their mobile apps. Easily connect and use, integrate your app in minutes using a complete cloud management platform, APIs and SDK for free. The cloud management platform is a web-based tool for managing apps, sites, beacons, geofences, notification campaigns, Real time micro-location and analytics. Create intelligent proximity experiences, manage marketing campaigns from the cloud, engage targeted audience of mobile users at the right time, and the right place, with relevant contextual content.
HomeBioGas Ltd offers compact and cost-effective anaerobic digesters that convert kitchen waste and animal manure into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer while maintaining the highest safety and health standards. The company seeks to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of underserved communities.

Trending Companies

Lingacom Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of muon-based detection scanners. The company supplies the entire platform, including detectors and software. The technology is relevant to several industries, and can be applied to object and material detection in vehicles, mining mapping, and detecting large geological objects. By harnessing muon, a subatomic particle that is the most penatrative on earth, Lingacom offers a tomography that can detect various objects, from cargo to underground formations. The company offers this green, radiation-free technology in detectors that can be paired with x-ray sensors. Lingacom tailors its muon-based solutions according to each customer's needs. The company was awarded 1 million euros by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument.
We bridge the gap between recruiters and matching candidates by automation of the recruiter's routine processes, providing the set of tools for online interviews, scheduling and assessments and by simplifying the job application workflow for candidates. Speedhire is Interview platform that automates routine recruiter's tasks, providing single infrastructure for online interviews, scheduling and assessments. Application that instantly connect candidates to recruiters from matching companies and simplify the interview process.
SolCold is a startup in the fields of nano-particles and physics, developing a technology that can only be described as a wonderful Shock - a material that cools down below the environment temperature when exposed to the sun... reducing HVAC consumption in the summer for buildings in hot areas, longer cargo's life, putting a tent in the desert and sleep comfortably, aerospace industry and the imagination goes on and on But... As far as the technology... We cannot tell much now as we are currently in stealth mode...
ParKings Holdings ltd
We’re ParKings and we’re disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking business idea. Our founding team is made up of talented individuals with the right mix of tech and business skills. This groundbreaking and scalable business model is often featured in the media, so look out for mentions of our IT Startup.