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Fresh Companies

Treepodia specializes in video personalization by producing customized, engaging creative ad campaigns for pre-rolls, dynamic video banners, product videos and loyalty videos, which enable companies of all sizes (including Sears, Office Depot and eBay) to attract more clients. Through automation and A/B testing, Treepodia produces a variety of creative options and promptly tracks campaigns for performance in a streamlined and cost-effective process.
ABILITY was founded by a team of experts in military intelligence and communications who were joined by specialists in electronics and mathematics. Their goal was simple but extraordinarily complex – to devise state of the art interception and decryption solutions that would serve the needs and ever-increasing challenges of security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services around the world. Our uniqueness is in our complete capabilities in both interception of communications as well as their clear decryption. ABILITY has nearly two decades of proven ability in the service of leading security agencies, law enforcement and armed forces around the globe! We specialize in off-air interception of cellular and satellite communication networks and deciphering solutions for cellular and satellite communications. ABILITY maintains a research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Kedma Solar
Kedma Solar is a solar energy company poised to revolutionize Israeli home solar installations. Kedma provides customers with PV solar arrays, Shemesh smart home energy monitors, and renewable energy credits all at no cost. Through our PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model, customers can utilize our our clean energy technologies while only paying Kedma Solar for their electricity consumption – all at a discounted rate. By focusing on the installation of micro-fields in residential and business locations we put power in the hands of the people and are able to generate clean electricity at favorable rates while minimizing bureaucratic delays. Founded on the principles of transparency, responsibility, innovation, and excellence, Kedma is pursuing a business plan that empowers consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and their electric bills. Our Shemesh home monitors provide customers a suite of tools to learn about and manage their energy consumption, anchored by our “קדמה שלי” members’ area. קדמה שלי (“Kedma Sheli”) shows live data and aggregated statistics about all aspects of energy usage and solar generation on our clients roofs. We want our customers to reduce their electricity usage as much as they do. Owing to our top notch technologies, professional approach, and dedication to customer service Kedma is positioned to be the Israeli market leader in the burgeoning field of home solar installations.
Ramim Environmental Resources
Ramim's aim is to effectively resolve the ever growing problem of sludge disposal. Ramim initiated an innovative, closed, automated, in-situ composting process, the most cost effective, valuable solution for sludge treatment. The Ramim process is an accelerated, 3-5 days process turning sludge to class A/compost. Ramim's process is a modification of the Rotating Drum method, applying it as an industrialized, automated and controlled system for municipal sludge and other bio-waste.

Trending Companies

JOT Automation
We are always pushing the edge of design for a better user experience. With our production automation, based on numerous applications and standard modules, ultimate designs meet ultimate performance, massive power meets minimal forms in future smart devices. Just on time.
TAI Dental Software Technologies
TAI Dental Software Technologies develops a software solution to provide a digital blue print for the milling of a unique dental implants. The technology is based on Stereo-Lithography (STN), that significantly shortens the implant process, is cheaper and provides better results. The outcome implants prove the patient's better health and look. Stereolithography is also known as 3D layering or 3D printing: it allows to create solid, plastic, three-dimensional (3D) objects from CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings.
Medinol is dedicated to the science of cardiovascular intervention. In the past 20 years, we have delivered over two million coronary stents to patients worldwide. Our products constantly stretch the limits of innovation and our cutting-edge technology continues to demonstrate extraordinary clinical results. And all our products are manufactured in-house, leveraging the proprietary QualitySurface manufacturing technology that ensures consistently exceptional product quality and safety. Medinol develops, manufactures, and markets the industry-leading NIRxcell™ Bare Metal Stent (BMS). Made from thin cobalt-chrome alloy and recognized for its unique flexibility, conformability, and scaffolding, NIRxcell has a dramatically lower rate of restenosis (blood vessel re-narrowing) compared to competing stents in a recent clinical study. Currently in clinical trials, NIRsupreme is Medinol’s new generation drug eluting stent (DES). NIRsupreme is the first elastomer based DES (eDES) and it sets new standards for coating quality, integrity and resistance to crack and peel. The NIRsupreme eDES is being investigated in two clinical trials with over 2,200 patients and designed for regulatory approvals in the United States and Europe.
Lewel Group
Lewel Group – Excellence in every step We are a strategic one-stop product development partner, providing our customers with high-quality wireless, medical and industrial solutions. This translates into cost-efficiency and security – with our help, our customers get everything they need from one partner. Our experience in various business sectors provides us with ever-important synergy. We put our expertise into use in an innovative way when designing solutions for different needs. With help from our extensive international cooperation networks, we are able to design products for any geographical market. Today, Lewel Group works as a product development partner to major Finnish and international companies. We have strong international networks, especially in Asia and Europe. These are our strengths A large group of experts and teams from various product development sectors; A one-stop product development partner – from idea to finished product; Functional, high-quality processes; A solid understanding of systems as a whole and of all stages of product development; Finnish and international networks at your service; Experience in working with large partners;