About us

The Silk Road for the 21st century

About us

Kaipule is a B2B web platform designed specifically to connect, through a single online channel, western innovators with Chinese investors and business interests in an effort to rebuild the Silk Road (the ancient trade route connecting China and the west) for the 21st century. Kaipule now represents a revolutionary, border spanning SaaS for investors, corporates and venture capitals. The Kaipule platform empowers Chinese users to obtain unprecedented information on western tech activity and potential deal flow. The other end of our platform, Kaipule for Entrepreneurs, allows western businesses to get exposed to the world’s largest market through Kaipule’s qualified investor network and unique dual-translation messenger. The platform’s name, pronounced “Kepler” by Chinese readers of English characters, is inspired by the great German planetary scientist Johannes Kepler, and was chosen to inspire feelings of exploration and discovery. We liken the search for new technologies to the search for planets, difficult to locate, identify, understand and measure. Kaipule is the tool, resembling a telescope, to unveil these challenges.

Meet the Team

David Gehtman
Chief Architect
David served 5 years in the Israeli Army’s prestigious 8200 unit as an electronics technician and a full stack developer for the IDF, working on complex and diverse projects throughout his service. David received his B.S. in Computer Science at the College of Management in Rishon LeZion.
Lee Robert Greene
COO, co-founder
A serial entrepreneur from Miami, Florida, Lee founded his first company at 15 and is continually striving to turn dreams into reality. Lee received his bachelor degrees in accounting and finance from Florida State University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.
Jobs (Zhou Jun)
CEO, co-founder
Jobs has a wide range of experience, including the Israel-China financial protocol trading project along with considerable time managing hospital development projects in China's Hubei province. Jobs received his Bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China and Masters in Business from Tel Aviv University.
Simon Nizov
CTO, co-founder
Simon worked for 6 years as a full stack web and BI developer for the IDF in the world-famous 8200 unit. Simon speaks 3 languages fluently and has received his B.S. in Computer Science from the College of Management in Rishon LeZion.
Zhong Jiayan
Vice President
Jiayan oversees the business in Finalnd and other European markets. Before co-founding Kaipule, Jiayan has the work experience in finance and technology in 5 different countries. He worked in KPMG in auditing, Magnetar Capital in financial engineering, Sohu Changyou in M&A, Cesim in product development and Bloomberg in sales. Jiayan also has a very international education background in Finance and Entrepreneurship, from UIBE (China), Aalto University (Finland), ESADE (Spain) and Tel Aviv University (Israel).
Davidson (Yao Ritian)
Vice President
Before joining Kaipule, Davidson was the overseas investment director for one of the leading high-tech companies in China, focused on technology scouting and industry research in VR/AR/AI industries. Davidson studied at the Technion and has spent the past two years in Israel.
Nikolai Denissoff
Software Engineer
Nikolai oversees technological development in Finland and other European markets. Nikolai has over 5 years of experience of working in startups and technology projects for Finnish government. He has worked in software development, managerial accounting and finance accounting. Nikolai has an education background in Finance and Entrepreneurship (Aalto University, Helsinki) and Computer science (University of Helsinki).

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